Applying for the PVG Scheme

It is FREE to register with us, however we need a formal agreement to act on behalf of clients. You will also need to read the Code of Practice and accept this as part of the Alba Childcare Agency contract terms along with the 'secure handling of disclosure information' and the 'recruitment of ex-offenders'.

 Register with us online.  

As soon as we receive your request:

  • we will post out your requested PVG Scheme Application Forms either New to join or existing applications, which should normally take 3-5 working days. 
  • Guidance notes on how to complete:

Application to Join PVG Forms

Existing PVG Forms

Return completed form along with the following:

  • Payment  - For New Appliactions to join PVG Scheme is £71.50,  which includes £59 for cost of joining Scheme and £12.50 for administration charge OR payment can be made Online Now.

  • Payment - For Existing PVG, depends on your answer to question A3:

If you have answered Yes - payment is £30.50 - Existing PVG Scheme member requiring a Scheme Record Update.

If you have answered No - Payment is £71.50 as a Scheme Record is required.

  • 3 Different copies of identification, i.e. driving license, passport, birth certificate, utility bill or bank statement. These need to be countersigned by an independant person to verify applicants identify.

Your application will then passed to Disclosure Scotland to process.

Once we have received the PVG Scheme Disclosure from Disclosure Scotland we will forward it on to yourself for you to destroy within 90 days to comply with Data Protection legislation and the Code of Practice.

For further Information on the PVG Scheme please visit