We are constantly recruiting and require flexible and reliable staff who are interested in working as supply workers on a short term basis in a variety of childcare settings. We attract a high calibre of staff to work for the agency and maintain a caring and dedicated workforce with equal opportunities and excellent rates of pay. If you would like to become one of our team or require further information, then just give us a call on  07713121677 or email us on [email protected]
Alba Childcare Agency expects a high standard of care from those looking after children in child care settings and believes that at all times the welfare of the child should be regarded with the utmost importance. Our aim is to help each child reach his or her full potential in all areas of development.  This is achieved through the experiences, they experience while at nursery. You will be asked to work as an effective member of an early year’s team delivering a high quality child centred service which meets the needs of the childcare setting. Your duties are wide ranged and varied from different childcare settings. You will be asked to take time at every place and become accustomed to different policies and procedures in the different settings and contribute to the general administration and organisation of the childcare setting by:
  • Supervising indoor and outdoor play areas, and where appropriate, develop children’s play skills;
  • Support children with toileting and clean soiled children as necessary;
  • Cleaning up of spills and body fluids to ensure safe conditions for children and staff;
  • Preparing, supervising the issue and consumption of snacks;
  • Basic maintenance and care of equipment such as dressing up clothes, play materials, including visual and aural aids etc.; this includes laundering and repair of such items;
  • Preparing activity materials such as mixing paints and cutting-out;
  • Setting up and dismantling activity equipment indoors and outdoors;
  • Undertaking the basic hygiene routines of the establishment such as refrigerator checks;
  • Occasional general clerical duties such as photocopying and filing;
  • Contributing to the general security, including door duty, by welcoming carers, being alert to visitors’ behaviour etc.;
  • Undertaking cleaning, clearing and setting up, according to the establishment;